RJ Brands offers a hassle free and flexible ordering and delivery solution to all its customers in the restaurant, retail and entertainment segments. While our primary business is liquor products, we are more than happy to assist our customers with their tobaccos requirements as well. We would like to think of ourselves as an extension to your business who will cater and adapt to your business needs. If you win, we all win!!!

T & C’s Apply Sale To Licenced Holders /Premises Only.


Below is a listing of the brands that we stock.(Please note T’s And C’s apply)

Heineken NRB (330ml)

24 per case

Windhoek Lager NRB

24 per case

Amstel Lager NRB(330ml)

24 per case

Castel Lager NRB(340ml)

24 per case

Castle Light NRB(340ml)

24 per case

Carling Black Label(340ml)

24 per case

Hansa Pilsner NRB(330ml)

24 per case

Corona NRB(355ml)

24 per case

Stella Artois NRB(330ml)

24 per case

Hunters Dry NRB(330ml)

24 per case

Hunters Gold NRBB(330ml)

24 per case

Savanna Dry NRB(500ml)

12 per case

Amstel Lager Qtz(excl dep.)(660ml)

12 per case

Hunters Dry Qtz(excl dep.)(660ml)

12 per case

Hunters Gold Qtz(excl dep.)(660ml)

12 per case

Heineken NRB Qtz

12 per case

Carling Black Label Qtz(excl dep.)(750ml)

12 per case

Castle Lite Qtz(excl dep.)(660ml)

12 per case

Amstel Lager 440ml Cans

Amstel Lager 330ml Can

Amstel Radler 440ml Cans

Bernini Blush 275ml nrb

Bernini Blush 275ml nrb

Black Label 500 ml Cans

Black Label 1L RB

Black Label Keg 50L

Brutal Fruit Mango 660ml Qtz

Brutal Fruit 8 C Rose 660ml Qtz

Brutal Fruit Peach 660ml Qtz

Brutal Fruit Cranberry Rose 440ml Can

Budweiser 473ml Can

Budweiser 12 660ml

Castle Larger 500ml Can

Castle Larger 750ml RB

Castle Larger 1L RB

Castle Lite 500ml Can

Castle Lite 910ml rb

Castel Milk Stout 340ml nrb

Castel Milk Stout 660ml RB

Castel Milk Stout 440ml RB

Detroit Guarana 440ml Can

Flying Fish Lemon 330ml NRB

Flying Fish Lemon 440ml

Flying Fish Apple 330ml NRB

Flying Fish  Apple 660ml RB

Flying Fish Lemon 660ml RB

Hansa 330ml NRB

Hansa 750ml RB

Heineken 440ml Can

Hunters Dry 440ml Can

Hunters Dry 330ml Can

Hunters Extreme 440ml

Hunters Gold 330ml Can

Hunters Gold 440ml Can

J & B Soda with Lime 330ml

Klipdrift & Cola premix 440ml

Klipdrift & Cola premix 440ml

Lion Lager 500ml Cans

Lion Lager 750ml RB

Miller Draft 300ml NRB

Miller Draught 660ml RB

Play Energy Drink 250ml

Redbull 250ml

Red Square Energy 275ml NRB

Red Square Ice Black 275ml

Red Square Ice Blue 275ml

Red Square Ice Purple 275ml

Reds Dry Qtz 660ml RB

Redds Gold Qtz 660ml RB

Savanna Dry 500ml NRB

Smirnoff Berry Twist 440ml Can

Savanna Dry 330ml NRB

Smirnoff Pinetwist 440ml Cans

Smirnoff Pinetwist 660ml NRB

Smirnoff Pinetwist 330ml NRB

Smirnoff Spin 330ml NRB

Smirnoff Spin 660ml NRB

Smirnoff Storm 330ml NRB

Smirnoff Storm 660ml NRB

Soweto Gold 500ml Can

Smirnoff Pinetwist 330ml NRB

Stella Artois 330ml NRB

Strongbow Gold 440ml Can

Strongbow Red 440ml Can

Strongbow Gold 660ml RB

Strongbow Red 660ml RB

Windhoek Draught 440ml Can

Windhoek Draught 440ml NRB

Windhoek Draught 660ml RB

Windhoek Lager 330ml NRB

Windhoek Lager 440ml Cans

Windhoek Lager 330ml NRB


Gordans 200ml

Klipdrift Export 200ml

Old Brown Sherry 750ml

Richelieu Export 750ml

Smirnoff 1818 200ml

Carling Black Label(340ml)

24 per case

Hennesy Vs Cognac 750ml

J&B Rare 750ml

Glenfiddich IPA 750ml

Spinza Brandy

Spinza Vodka